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Taking care of yourself when someone goes missing

This fact sheet was created by the Families and Friends of Missing Persons (FFMPU) in New South Wales, Australia. The FFMPU is a unique service that provides information, referral and support service for families and friends of the missing. The FFMPU has granted permission to CCIMA to reproduce and post this work. 

There is no right or wrong way to feel or react when a family member or friend goes missing. Each person’s experience of coping is unique. The following ideas are based on the experiences and thoughts of other families and friends of missing people.

It is important to continue to look after yourself





Further Information

Exerpted from the publication “Missing People: A guide for family members and service providers” developed by Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit, (NSW, Australia).

For further information, please visit www.missingpersons.justice.nsw.gov.au.