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Raising Awareness through the Media

The media is an important resource in raising awareness about your loved one’s disappearance.

Each type of media can reach different audiences.  Even one type of media can have different audiences.  For example, viagra sale each newspaper published in the same city may have different readers.

Television, radio, print media, the Internet and Social Media can all be used to reach out to the public for help.

Speak with police first

Before contacting the media, talk to the police officer or detective handling your case. This is important because:

Preparing information

Before contacting the media, prepare a poster or write-up that gives a physical description, recent photos and some detail about your loved one’s disappearance.  Also, have phone numbers for police and Crime Stoppers on hand.

In some cases, the family may feel that they must provide a way for people to contact them.  Rather than provide personal contact information, create a dedicated email account or Facebook page to use.

Do not give out any information that could anger, endanger, or embarrass you or your loved ones.

Contacting the media

When contacting the media be sure to do the following:

Once an interview is set up, take some time to prepare the information you want to share with the public. Ask the reporter for a list of questions beforehand to help get ready.  Always ask for a copy of the interview to add to your files.

Using the Internet and Social Media

When posting information on the Internet or Social Media sites, keep the following in mind:

Excerpted from Ontario’s Missing Adults’ Families of Missing Adults:  Finding Help guidebook, available at missingadults.ca/covers/FHE_April_2015.pdf .